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Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Curious Incident of The Trucks in the Park

"Isn't it terrible that the prices of South West Trains car parks have rocketed over the last few years?" is something I've read often on Twitter.

Well, imagine the surprise of one commuter, when the priciest of car parks was not available to use because South West Trains contractors were taking up the space, at 8am, on a week day.

No great drama though right? He thought he'd refer it to South West Trains and all would be sorted relatively quickly. @SW_Trains, the WICC, did their very best and contacted the station. The customer talked to the station staff too, whose response was "We're not mind readers, we didn't know it was going on". Well, no, you're not mind readers, but I am presuming you're not blind and can see what frequents your car park?

This has been going on since March:

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